Our Mission

Soul Feminist inspires the revolutionizing of self-love in Women of Color ✨

Soul Feminist is a media company that ignites the magic in Black Women. The "Soul Feminist" uses her magic to co-create and manifest in all aspects of her life. She is a boss in her career, a crusader for love in her relationships, a curator of her own style, and an advocate for revolutionizing her self-love. Through our content, online classes, and products, we help her tap and tune into her magic to live a life full of self-love and creativity.

Founded in 2017 by Lyneisha Watson, Soul Feminist is becoming one of the largest digital media companies for women of color. Soul Feminist has a growing and engaged audience online and across various platforms. We produce content every month that educates, inspires, enhances, and informs our audience of the many ways they are valuable to themselves and their community.


Hey, I’m Lyneisha.

Soul Feminist. Writer. Libra. Pursuing Black Womanhood with intention, intuition, and soul. I’m a creative soul with a love for the color purple, Alice Walker essays, and healing chats with my girls. 

Recently, I’ve been through a period of discovery— getting rid of old beliefs that held me in a place of naivety; leaving friends and family behind who couldn’t accept the power of my truth; rediscovering the beauty of exploration and the peace that comes with chaos….

Throughout this transitional period, I thought that all of my power came from my external world, but I soon discovered that what I was looking for was deep inside me. CLICHÉ. I know. But I realized that what I was discovering was my own reservoir of Black Girl Magic. 

I was searching for my authentic self. 

I was becoming the woman I always dreamed of — happy, free, and full of peace.  I refused to go back to my days of dealing with anxiety and depression, not accepting that I had the power to shift my reality by changing the sad story I believed about my life.  I became fully committed to loving myself and I continued to be a purveyor of black feminism and self-care.  I became a Soul Feminist.

You can learn more about how I revolutionized my inner-self and defined my my new story by signing up for our FREE e-course, Discovering Worthiness.

"Trusting our own experience and our own lives; embracing both the dark self and the light" - Alice Walker

I hope it inspires you in some unique way to become a Soul Feminist and tap into your Black Girl Magic. I want you to dive deep and explore the shift waiting to happen inside of you and uncover how unapologetically LIT you are, and then I want you to design a life full of soul, love, and color — a life that allows you to live on purpose and building community among other Soul Feminist.  

When I’m not reading, writing, and watching Youtube Videos (It is a serious addiction!), you can probably find me goofing around with my little sister, on the phone with my friends, Target, ASOS Online, or at your local library. 

(And by reading, I mean watching more YouTube videos 😫).