Good Morning ✨

Did you know that the 1st law of nature is the Law of Self-Preservation?

So, how are you caring for yourself?

So often we get caught up in the rat race worrying about keeping up with The Joneses that we forget to put our own needs and wants before anyone else's.

Sometimes worthiness looks like selfishness, but don't get caught up on the guilt trip if you are totally loving yourself.

People try and make us feel bad for looking out for ourselves, but it isn't our job to teach anyone self-love. You can inspire them, but true self-love is an experience that everyone is worthy of. I mean it's your birthright.

It's a new year, and it may seem that everyone is trying to come against you as you raise your vibration, but that means that they weren't meant for you anyway.

You are the only person that can save you and love you, so what are you doing to preserve yourself?

If anything, you are worthy of self-care every minute of the day. The world wants you to forget that by making you think you don't come first. 


Truthfully you can be abundant, happy, and in love because that's what you were born to do.

You have to start with yourself, and watch how all of those good vibrations trickle out to the world around you.

Stress is not your natural state, sis.
Bask in the beauty of love and freedom by choosing to PUT YOURSELF FIRST.

Thank me later.


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See Ya Tomorrow Morning!

<3 Lyneisha