When was the last time you tended to your garden?

Seriously, are your seeds cultivating the vision that you filled them with?

If you are broken and rushing, the seeds you plant will never harvest.  When you see that your plants aren't growing, do you rush and force more into the ground?

What if you took your time, gave your seeds love, and planted them with intention? Your garden would begin to flourish.

It is so easy for us to forget that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. And whatever we have going on inside of us WILL MANIFEST in our outer world.  This is why a lot of teachers tell us to get to THE ROOT of our problems because old roots block new seeds from flourishing.

Self-Care can be tough because we feel like we have no one to guide us and tell us what the problem is, but when you quite your mind you will see everything that is standing in your way and blocking your growth.

2018 is going to offer you a chance to come into total alignment with who you are: you are going to have ample opportunities to cut out all those old roots and plant new seeds.

Maybe some days you feel like you aren't being nourished. Maybe some days you feel like the seeds you planted aren't even worth watering. This is your WAKE UP CALL to go within and heal yourself. Listen to yourself and speak life into your situation and your vision. 

The only way your seeds will grow is by nourishing them.

The only way you will grow is by nourishing yourself.


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See Ya Tomorrow Morning!

<3 Lyneisha

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