I actually know someone named Patience.

She lived far away and would occasionally come to my neighborhood to see her aunt and uncle, who lived next door to me.

We would have so much fun playing in the dirt and jumping fences.

I knew Patience as someone who was always ready to spread her sassiness and have a good little-girl-time.


I see the word PATIENCE, and I cringe because I hate waiting. 

Somethings are worth waiting for though. One thing that I am learning to do is be patient with myself. I love to run into things head on, but when I take my time I see how beautiful slowing down can be. 

Try and not rush yourself and your progress. Enjoy it and watch everything unfold beautifully just for you.

Remember: it's not about waiting

It's about what you are doing while you wait.

Patience Daily Affirmation

I am practicing patience because I must take the time to observe my growth. I am practicing patience because I must take the time to observe the changes flowing around me. I am practicing patience because sometimes waiting means pushing through uncertainty.

I am practicing patience because change is constant and my growth is necessary. 

I am growing now, so as I flourish The Universe takes care of all the details. I practice patience because I must be present in my love and in my evolution. 

I am practicing patience because I KNOW that this time, where I am really impatient, is allowing me to blossom into my most authentic self, so I can see the beauty waiting and growing promises to bring.