Mama's Garden: Lastandria Gaines

Interviews with Millennial Mama's.

Mama’s are so important because they are the vessels that gave us life.  

From conception, a mother and her child share a bond that goes beyond the physical.  In all of its beauty, sometimes being a mama isn’t easy. Soul Feminist wants to honor the Magical Mama’s spreading love and standing strong.

This week we are featuring my good friend Lastandria. She is a young mama who is focused on providing her husband and son with all the love they need and then some.

SF: Tell me a little about yourself and your family.

LG: Well, first off, my name is Lastandria Gaines, born and raised in Sanford, FL. I’ve been married to my loving husband, Brandan, for almost three years. We have a 22-month-old son.

SF: What was your pregnancy like?

LG: For the most part, I had a fairly good pregnancy. The beginning of my pregnancy was a bit rocky. But, I loved every moment of it. I really learned to love someone that I had never seen.

SF: You were fairly young when you got married and now you are a mama, what is it like being a millennial mama and wife? How has your upbringing influenced your role in your family?

LG: It’s no different from my grandmother or the older women in my family. They taught me how to be a good wife and mother. My grandmother taught me how to love and care for my family.

SF: What woman has been a huge influence in your life?

LG: My mother has been a very big influence for me. I grew up in a single-family home. My father was in my life, but I lived with my mother. She has always been very independent. My siblings and I were taken care of very well by our mother.

SF: How did you connect to yourself and the world while you were pregnant?

LG: I’ve met women along the way that gave me great advice on pregnancy and parenting. I also read lots of articles on the internet about pregnancy.

SF: Spiritually, what changed when you became pregnant?

LG: I learned to really love someone that I had never seen before. Just like I was taught to love God- someone I’ve never seen. I loved that little boy that was inside of me with all my heart and trusted that I would be a good mother to him.

SF: How important have you become to yourself while being a mama?

LG: I’ve become more important to myself because I feel that I’ve got to do everything in my power to raise my son. That means taking care of myself so that I am a vessel of strength and inspiration for him.

SF: How do you make time for yourself while being a mama?

LG: Luckily I have lots of help and support from my family, so making time for myself is not so hard.

SF: What positive seeds are you planting in your son’s life

LG: The first positive seed I’m planting in my son’s life is to love God, while also teaching him responsibility at a young age.

SF: What important lessons do you want to instill in your son about love, life, and happiness?

LG: I want him to love even when others don’t like him. Life is not easy, but I don’t want him to worry about others. I want to encourage him to be true to himself. Happiness comes when you do things that you love to do and not because someone else wants you to do something.

SF: Do you have advice for mama’s-to-be?

LG: Be the best mama you can be to your the little ones in your life! Love them and cherish every moment with them.

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