How Living With Intention Enhances Your Black Girl Magic

How Living with Intention Enhances BGM

Do you remember Rodger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella with Brandy and Whitney Houston? The best part in the movie is when Whitney is floating outside of the pumpkin dropping gems telling Brandy anything is possible. Well, I am Cinderella and Oprah is my Fairy Godmother.

After graduating, I felt STUCK in my circumstances and it seemed like I was never going to be able to move forward. Everything appeared IMPOSSIBLE. I was unsure of how I was going to get a steady job, be a social butterfly, and deal with my crazy family. Then Oprah floated her way across my phone screen and changed my life.

I had so many desires: moving to California; working as a Marketing Director for Big Company A; dating someone who looks like Idris Alba; acting as the hybrid version of Joan and Lynn in someone's group of girlfriends; basically, I wanted a whole new life. Let me tell you, I started doing some serious Law of Attraction manifesting. I was visualizing, taking action, and affirming all of my desires... NOTHING was happening! My intentions, much like my priorities, were all out of whack!

When you begin to Tap and Tune into your Black Girl Magic, you realize that everything is a vibe. My vibe was way off: my intentions and my desires were not lining up to help me create this beautiful brand new life! If I was 100% honest with myself, the material THINGS were not going to fulfill my TRUE DESIRES. My intentions were selfish. I desired to get, get, and get. Things. Things. THINGS! That is all I wanted because I wanted to look cool, be seen, and post pictures on Instagram! My outside world was influencing what I was trying to feel on the inside. Once you become aware of the fragility of our world, you notice that EVERYTHING is fleeting. The only aspect of our lives that we can control is our FEELINGS and our INTENTIONS. I had to change my INTENTIONS to match the FEELINGS my desires would give me.


1. Intention Reminds You of Your Purpose

Intention Reminds You of Your Purpose

The world has a funny (and mostly evil) way of stealing your joy. What is something you wanted when you were younger? I wanted to be and do everything: live in a house with stairs (I only thought rich people had stairs); be Kelly Rowland in Destiny's Child; become Editor-in-Chief at ESSENCE; fall in love like Sydney and Dre (Fun Fact: My favorite movie is Brown Sugar).  The list goes on for days. 

Growing up, we are always playing dress up and searching for an identity to claim. We play these games until some "responsible adult" forces us to join their lame club. Up until this point what we are doing is looking for purpose. We learn that purpose involves having a steady job, a successful marriage, and some rugrats to join the snooze fest of a party we are having. Life becomes less of a game and our purpose becomes illusioned as adulting. At some point, we have to DIVE DEEP and find the joy and fun that came with that endless dress-up party we were having.

I decided to put on my cap and become my own superwoman. Clearly, my purpose wasn't at the job I had or any of the jobs I applied to. In the beginning, my intentions were just to be happy, then they got deeper and deeper the more I began to live with my heart. I think that is how Oprah got to be Oprah and Beyonce got to be Beyonce- they live with pure and honest intention. WAHLAH MAGIC!

In the midst of all the INTENTIONAL FUN you are having, your purpose will be magically revealed to you. And most likely it will be something you were doing since you blessed the world with your presence. Once you begin to get clear about the vision you have for yourself, your INTENTIONS and your DESIRES will begin to align so you can live your best life.


Intention Determines Outcome

Nothing good has ever come from anything planned with bad intent. Really, it is that simple. If you want something good, then you have to put good into everything that you do. All you have to do is look at your life and you will be able to see what kind of intentions you have been setting.

When I graduated college, I did not expect to end up on the couch at my grandparents house! But I did. My intentions were full of fear and worry, so that is what I received more of. What if I decided to be open to what life had for me? All I saw was my fabulous life working at Big Company A, nothing else. And from the beginning all I put into my desires was fear and worry. That was a sucky place to try and manifest from: wanting, fearing, and worrying at the same d*mn time! I was not ready to receive the guidance that got me closer to my desires.

Your outcome will be clear from the beginning because it will be whatever you are putting into your desire at that moment!

I changed my INTENTIONS and I changed my life. I stopped focusing on what type of role I would have in whatever company hired me, and I became patient. My intentions became heart-focused and not-fear based. I decided I wanted happiness on my own terms and that is what The Universe has given me.


Intention Makes You Surrender

I wish I could tell y'all that Soul Feminist was on my list of things to do when I was growing up, but it wasn't. Yes, I wanted to be a writer. But.... at Ebony or ESSENCE. First of all, I didn't think the internet would ever be this advanced. Secondly, I never saw myself as a "self-help" chick. I was gonna write about cool stuff like fashion, music, and culture. The Universe was like "Nah, sis" and here I am.

That is the thing about INTENTION, it will make you surrender to the will of whatever is guiding us through the sky. When I first began this journey, I sat down and made of list of everything that I desired. On that list, I put that I wanted to be great because it would allow me to be independent, inspirational, and live in a house with stairs. I mean, I am still working on all those things, BUT I SET THE INTENTION.  I trust that The Universe will lead me to the place of my highest good. I am not too sure where Soul Feminist will be tomorrow, but I am surrendering because whoever is in charge has a better view than I do.

The idea of letting go of your dreams and leaving everything to chance is super scary. Trust me. I am full of fears. Yet when I let go and let The Universe take me where I am SUPPOSED to go, my desires show up quicker and life becomes 100x better.

Intention is a great way to enhance your Black Girl Magic because it gets you into the groove of living life with purpose. Wanna add more INTENTION into your daily life? Click down below and download the Mini Self-Love Journal!