How 5 Minutes In The Mirror Helped Me Discover My Worthiness

How do you define your worth?

To be honest, I didn't know what my worth was until a few weeks ago.

Up until that point, I had executed many self-care dates. I calculated every little detail from the day, start time, to the music that would be playing while I basked in self-love. I knew that every ounce of energy I put into showing myself some TLC would help me cultivate more happiness and peace. 

Until I found out, I had been self-caring all wrong.

That night when I stood in front of the mirror putting on my favorite face mask, I was suddenly hit with an epiphany:

Performing these acts did not make me worthy. My worth had nothing to do with what I was doing, it had everything to do with what I was feeling.

Everyone around me was always saying "know your worth",  but I never truly understood what they meant.

For the longest, my worth was defined by the way I expressed myself to the world. My insecurity screamed to be recognized, which was clear in every decision that I made. When I decided to start showing up for myself and giving myself what I needed, I knew what true worthiness felt like.

Worthiness is birthed from a thought that encourages a feeling that promotes an action.

I was doing what I thought would make me feel self-love. No matter how much time and effort I put into perfecting my self-care routine if I didn’t think I was worthy of true self-love, it was all worthless.

This is a common mistake because we believe that action precedes thought and feeling. We believe that if we had more money, more friends, more likes on Instagram, a better job, or the perfect partner, then we would be worthy of happiness and love. That is so wrong. None of those things truly makes us happy. When we go out looking for these things, what we are really searching for is ourselves. 

You are your greatest desire. 

So instead of waiting for something or someone to make you happy and feel worthy, you have to begin by appreciating yourself.

Your thoughts and feelings inspire you to take action. If you have been taking action and not feeling worthy, you are just wasting energy. 

So, how can you make yourself feel more worthy before taking inspired action?

Here are 3 ways you can make yourself feel more worthy

1. Build Self Trust

Trust is the foundation that self-love and self-care are built on. Because in order to truly love and care for yourself, you must be able to RELY on YOU!

When you begin to trust yourself, you become consciously aware of the actions you take and how they can benefit you.  This is important because self-trust is how you begin to build confidence. When you trust yourself, you trust your thoughts. You will then begin to take the steps necessary to make sure your thoughts cultivate feelings that match the actions you plan to take.

Begin to trust yourself and you will move with purpose.

2. Be Patient

To be honest, none of this is easy. Most of us have been fed lies all of our lives about self-worth and self-trust. Self-love is a new game for most of us, and we are not going to get it right every time. There will be bad days, negative rants, and lots of tears, but you have to be patient with yourself.

Patience is probably the #1 most frustrating lesson you will learn on your journey because we all want instant gratification. Especially when you know that feeling worthy allows you to manifest your desires even quicker.

But you must learn to take your time with yourself.

Don’t rush self-care. It’s a process that takes a lot of time and a lot of healing.

3. Discover Worthiness

When you build self-trust with a patient mindset, you discover that you are more than worthy of all your desires. Your thoughts will begin to produce feelings full of love that lead to inspired action. Self-trust, patience, and worthiness cultivate confidence!

Confidence in your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions will lead you to live a beautiful life. Why should you continue to walk around and feel unworthy? You will continue to work yourself into an unhappy state. Begin evaluating where you lack confidence in ALL areas of your life, then make a promise to yourself to boss up. Stop belittling your greatness. Your worth comes from the inside, so feed your confidence and walk in your truth! 

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