No Bae, No Valentines Day?

5 Self-Care Activities To Help You Fall Deeper In Love With Yourself And Your Life

Valentines Day often called the "Day of Lovers" is here!

Maybe you haven't found your "perfect partner" and believe you are excluded from the festivities because you are "Baeless".

You fear missing out on the sweet nothings, bouquets of flowers, chocolates, and obnoxiously big teddy bears, and you don't want to be "alone".

You deserve to feel beautiful and romanced by candlelight too, right?

For those lovers who are engulfed with a passion for their significant other,  THIS POST IS NOT FOR YOU!

This post is for the ones Cupid missed. No, he didn’t miss you all on purpose but simply because he’s not a professional Archer. He is a chubby god who holds the power of desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection in his arrow.

It's not all bad when you find yourself doing the Valentines Day thing alone. There is so much beauty in being able to be selfish with your love every now and again. Don't feel low because Cupid hasn't granted your next boo the magic of being in your presence. Actually forget all about falling in love with someone besides yourself, and make your happiness a priority this Valentines Day!

Here are 5 self-love activities you can do to make your Valentine’s Day full of self-love.


1. Watch an empowering movie  

What movie taps you into your #BlackGirlMagic? Maybe you are a big Tarji P. Henson fan and feel the passion she puts into her work, maybe you love Lupita and all of her glory, or you stan for Oprah every time she decides to hit the big screen. No matter who it is, there is a movie that makes you feel empowered and magical.  Use Valentines Day to re-up on your #BlackGirlMagic by finding something empowering to motivate you to follow your heart and your dreams. 

2. Plan a Self-Care Date

What better way to spend the day of love than loving yourself. Seriously, there is a collective agreement that February 14th is the day when love rules and you have to take advantage of it! Grab your favorite face mask, your favorite body wash, that shea butter body butter that smells divine, the nail polish you can't get enough of, and your latest self-care book, and LIVE YOUR LIFE, SIS! Pamper yourself into a space of pure bliss because you deserve it. And instead of making February 14th your only day to pamper yourself, try making Self-Care Dates a weekly thing!

3. Throw a game night

Throw a game night for you and your girls. #SquadCare is everything and you all can spend the night exchanging positive energy. There is something about a good laugh shared between friends that can remind you of what truly matters in your life. Put on a bomb playlist and have a good time catching up on life!

4.Create something beautiful

Take this day to be creative. Write a poem, start a painting or compose a symphony. Whatever it is, get those creative juices flowing. You are a magical, right? Well the best way to tap into those powers is by creating! If you watched an empowering movie, then you are probably super inspired to chase after your dreams! While everyone else is basking in the love of another, you can nurture that passion project you have been putting off all year!

5. Sample new wines

Let's be serious, WINE IS DELICIOUS. And there is NOTHING wrong with a little self-love buzz every now and then. Take this time to have your own fancy-smancy time and sample some new wines to add to your collection. You cannot successfully do self-care without a little wine. Try out these wines by The McBride sisters!


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