How Writing My First Book Made Me Feel Worthy and Abundant


When was the last time you said YES to your fears?

Recently I took a HUGE LEAP OF FAITH and faced one of my wildest dreams and greatest fears by writing my first book.

My book Blooming: 31 Days of Soul Meditations is a testament that you don’t have to wait for the perfect time to live your dreams. When I decided to write Blooming, I was feeling unmotivated, unworthy, and unsure of how I was going to push past fear into my destiny. Instead of worrying myself silly, I decided to take a chance and listen to my intuition.

Get this: You only have one life to live, so you should be taking risks every day. Everything was already set up for you to win. You were born to thrive in your passions. Instead of waiting for a YES from someone else, grant that YES to yourself!

By focusing on what you do want, you begin to align with everything that you desire.

I desired to be more creative in my business and offer my audience something they could enjoy every day. I absolutely love creating the Daily Meditations post on Instagram and I really wanted to serve the Soul Feminist family something full of love and inspiration, so Blooming was birthed.

Affirmation: I am worthy of being creative in my everyday life.

You have to stop telling yourself no, even when life is telling you no. Accomplishing big tasks can be frightening, especially when you’ve been taught that there are certain steps and accolades necessary to achieve certain goals. If you are serious about winning, you’ll feel worthy enough now to attract the abundance that winning always offers.

Writing my first book opened my mind to the fact that I can do whatever the hell I want whenever the hell I want, and I don’t have to wait for anyone's approval.

The biggest YES you will always be waiting on is the yes from yourself.

Are you ready to say YES to your fears and begin accomplishing your biggest goal? Keep reading to learn all the benefits that came with writing my first book.


1. You Get Into The Flow

You receive your blessings when you are open to The Universe, and you receive when you are in the flow. When you decide to follow your heart, you will find that your creativity is amplified. You will be inspired to dig deeper into your passions and do your very best to produce something that speaks to your heart (and hopefully others). When you are flowing, everything that you need will come to you.  

How I Do It: One way I like to get into the flow is by journaling before I start any project. I have learned that journaling allows me to get rid of any negative and insecure thoughts that might block me from getting into the flow. 

2. You Remember Your Why

Intention is everything! If you are unsure of why you are doing something, then you won't get the benefits that you desire from it. When you get into your flow state, you must constantly remind yourself why you chose to take a risk. Even if your desired satisfaction isn't immediate, then remember your why and your worth to tap you back into purpose and abundance.

How I Do It: Before I do anything, I write out why I am doing it on a piece of paper or take a mental note. I always want to walk into everything with the purest intentions. When I am clear about what I am doing, I remember that I am worthy of achieving great things. My confidence is sparked and I am ready to conquer everything with a strong purpose.

3. You Desire Change

When you want to change your life, you have to take risks. Things won't just fall in your lap, so you have to work for what you desire. The only way The Universe will work in your favor is if your actions match your intentions. Taking action makes you feel accomplished and abundant, which reminds you that you are worthy of manifesting your dreams. 

How I Do It: Every morning I wake up, give thanks, and ask for guidance. I let spirit/God/my higher-self lead the way, and I open up myself to receive the messages and signs that are helping me manifest. I practice self-trust and remain confident in every step that I take.

I am no New York Times Best Seller. But now that I've accomplished one of my biggest goals, I know that I can do whatever I want with what I have now.

I encourage you all to take a chance and do that thing that's been itching at your heart. The results will be amazing if you remember how worthy you are of having everything you've ever wished for.

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