Why Being Sad Is The Best Thing You'll Ever Do In Your Life


Honestly, who likes being sad? 

I know I don't. But recently, I discovered that there is so much power in our pain. If you use the energy correctly, you can create effective change in your life. 

I came to this conclusion recently after talking to Mr. What'sHisFace. He found his way back into my life again and he shared some news with me that shattered all the dreams I still had for us. My ego was crushed and I could feel it in my chest. I danced with avoidance for awhile then I decided to just accept the truth of the matter: his love isn't for me and it never was. 

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Thankfully over the last few months, I've taken the time to know my worth. And after a really inspiring talk with myself, I realized that I deserved better. The sadness I felt had become empowerment, and I was compelled to love myself even more. 

Our emotions always lead us to the truth. 

When we don't want to hold onto the sadness anymore we make our emotions known through words, actions, and gestures. Unfortunately, most times our cries for help are unheard and we feel lonely, depressed, and unsure of how to move forward.

The truth is that no one will ever understand your cries for help and healing but you. And as you begin to accept the reality of things, your strength is revealed and you move forward feeling empowered. If you refuse to accept what is happening right now, you become trapped in old feelings and cycles. Not only do you become a victim of the past, you loop through the possibilities of a future that doesn’t exist and become full of anxiety.

So how did I find empowerment in my emotions?

I just let myself be sad.

The thing is: you can’t run away from your emotions because they always catch up with you.

Resistance will always block you from true understanding, so welcome whatever emotions are coming up. As you continue to understand what it means to be worthy, you will continue to sit with the pain and find power through self-validation.

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Whatever it is that you want will require you to be vulnerable and look at the beliefs deeply rooted in your psyche that keep you from manifesting the life of your dreams.

These beliefs are rooted in generations of fear, pain, and hurt. It is up to you to dig deep, heal, and transmute all those negative agreements that keep you from moving forward.  

The power of the mind is not a joke, so you have to set the intention to heal your inside world so you can heal the distorted reality that you find yourself in now.

Vulnerability is like a superpower, so let your emotions guide you to your next destination. 

When you resist yourself, you resist the healing that comes from accepting who you are and where you are. You have complete control over how you feel. Accepting the reality that nothing outside of right now defines who you are.

But sometimes you have to be in your deepest darkest mess to realize how lit you Are.

When you get vulnerable you really look at yourself and you see what you are made of — which is everything. If we can all believe in Beyoncé, why can’t we believe in ourselves?  Vulnerability comes from courage and courage means to tell your story without any filters. You don’t have to share all your secrets, but become okay with those secrets, become okay with those tragedies, become okay with the fact that people can only see the world from their point-of-view. Healing the past and taking advantage of the present will encourage you to change your point-of-view to match the magic and miracles that the universe wants to make happen in your life.  

Powerful transformative magic is in the transmutation of the Black Women's sadness. 

You can overcome the pain by overcoming yourself. When you become okay with who you are, where you have been, and what is happening right now, then you will appreciate the power of your vulnerability.  


1. Always check in with yourself  

By checking-in with yourself, you meet your feelings where they are at and you make room for powerful healing to take place in your life. Being present with yourself and feeling what needs to be healed is what we all truly desire because it puts us in alignment with love.

How I Do It: I use the Soul Daily Check-In to keep track of daily self-care habits. It is a great way to get into the routine of checking in with myself on a regular basis, and it provides me with daily activities that elevate my self-love.

2.  Accept all the bad stuff

Start by affirming you and the importance of your life, then accept that the world is (kinda) messed up. Luckily, you don't have to take part in the antics. You just have to be okay with whatever is going on in your world. You have the ability to change it by changing your thoughts about it. Acceptance is about gaining a wider perspective and shifting your focus to what you can do. Acceptance is where the real magic begins.

How I Do It: When a negative situation is presented to me, I TRY to look at what I can control in the situation. If I can't control it, I accept what is happening and move forward.

3.  Keep pushing

The healing that vulnerability brings is so beautiful and necessary.  It is all about how you choose to look at it. You control your world because you have the power to control your thoughts. Your vulnerability isn't about being a victim to your mood, but it is about finding the power to feel what is being brought to the surface. There is so much POWER in discomfort because it pushes us to make the tough decisions about what we truly desire.

How I Do It: I count my blessings. By choosing to look at all the times that I did win, I am able to remind myself that there is no such thing as losing. 

Don't let your emotions scare you, for they can be so powerful. If you are feeling low, then be with those emotions. After a while you will come out on the other side a new person.