How You Can Use The New Moon To Tap Into Your Black Girl Magic

Learn the technique I used to get accepted into Yale.

When I first started using Moon Magic, I only worked with the Full Moon to banish blocks in my life. Per my ignorance, I didn’t know that the darkness of the New Moon was also a great time to come into your truth, let go, and manifest with purpose.

The New Moon, also known as the Dark Moon, is a time for setting new intentions for new beginnings. I like to think of the New Moon as a time of conception where we begin the process of planting new seeds to harvest during the next moon cycle.

Think about darkness for a second:

96% of The Universe is dark and only 4% is light, yet we fear darkness. We associate the dark with evil energy, but darkness is where true creation takes place. Just like a seed that needs to be planted in the darkness of the soil to blossom, we have to go into the darkness of ourselves to create the things that we truly desire.

When we are facing “dark times” in our lives, we often run to the light because we think that is where we will find the answers that we seek. Honestly, you won’t be able to manifest anything until you are comfortable with the dark.

Why? Well manifesting requires a special kind of honesty- intention-and you need a lot of it to make life work in your favor.

After I experienced a "dark time" in my life, I was able to manifest with a lot more ease. I realized that I could have whatever I wanted if I put the intention and the action behind my thoughts. During my darkness, I was able to get real with myself about what I wanted and set a plan in motion to get what I wanted. Thanks to the NEW MOON we have the chance to start fresh every 29.5 days.


The period after the NEW MOON is called the WAXING PHASE and this energy is specifically used to bring things into your life. As the moon gains more light, you should be adding more power to your intentions. You can begin to harness the power of the NEW MOON through gratitude practices, visualization, acting-as-if, and scripting. All of these practices are acts that allow you to use the Law of Attraction to bring that which you desire into your life.

What do you want more of in your life? The NEW MOON is a great time to manifest more money, help for legal matters, new opportunities, good luck, and begin new mental processes. The thing you must remember about the moon is that it deals with our subconscious mind, so the best way to manifest is by creating symbols/rituals that your subconscious mind can grasp.


1. create your sacred space

The key to any successful ritual is making sure your space is comfy. Before you begin your New Moon ritual, you want to set up your space to help you feel all mystical and magical. You can do this by setting up an altar or a meditation area with a nice pillow and blanket. You can also cleanse your space with WHITE SAGE (gets rid of all energy-good and bad), PALO SANTO (gets rid of all negative energy and raises the vibration of your space), or INCENSE (cleanses spaces and/or welcomes in a certain energy; aromatherapy). If you collect crystals, then this is a great time to set them up in your sacred space to help set the mood.

How I Do It: In my sacred space, I have an Ancestor Altar, which I use daily to honor my ancestors. I also have a meditation pillow and a blanket in that area for daily use. For the NEW MOON, I use WHITE SAGE to clear all the energy from the previous lunar cycle. Then I light candles (mostly white), burn a Dragon’s Blood (increases energy) or Rose (love) incense, and place my selenite crystal near my altar. I also use this time to make sure I have my journal and a glass of water is nearby.  

2. Say a little prayer

Once your sacred space is set up, you should take this time to begin talking out loud about the things you want. This doesn’t necessarily have to be an old-school prayer session, but you should use prayer to release any blocks that you have and tell The Universe what you desire.

How I Do It: After I have set up my sacred space, I like to begin my ritual with a word of thanks to my peeps (God, Ancestors, Higher-Self). During this time I like to welcome into my space positive energies that I want to help me manifest my highest good. I give thanks, release my problems, and begin to pray about the things that I want, why I want them, and have faith that it is already done. This always gets me in a great manifesting mood.

 3. Quiet your mind & get grounded

Sometimes it can be hard for us to get really clear about what we desire. Grounding meditations (which can be found on YouTube) are a great way to center your energy. When you manifest anything you want to make sure you are in a sensible state-of-mind. Take a few guided breaths and quiet your mind. If you listen closely, you might even receive divine insight about what your next steps should be.

How I Do It: I like to go to YouTube and search “grounding and centering meditations”. Once I find the perfect one, I grab my selenite crystal and let my guide lead me to my most zen place.

4. Write it down

This is where the real magic happens. There is something truly powerful about writing down the things that you desire. Right here is your chance to tell a really juicy story to yourself. You should take this time to get really clear about what you want. You should be so clear that you start to believe that you already have it.

How I Do It: I grab my notebook and start writing my intentions as I AM or I HAVE statements. At the end of my list I write, “I set the intention that all of my manifestations will materialize for the highest good of all those involved, in the perfect time, and with ease. Asé.”


Now you need to be thankful for everything that you just willed into The Universe. Give thanks like everything that you want is already yours. Gratitude gives your manifestations some extra oomph to get the job done. Gratitude can also speed up the process of manifestation, so make sure you say THANK YOU now before it is done.

How I Do It: I write a separate list with my same manifestations and I say, “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR I AM/HAVE ….” And over the course of the waxing moon, I will give thanks in my gratitude journal for my intentions already manifesting.


One thing that I like to do during this period is the 555 challenge. Starting the night of the NEW MOON, I write down what I desire to manifest 5 times for 5 days. I like this exercise because it is a great way to ingrain your manifestation into your head and begin to trick your mind into thinking that you already have what you want

For example, if I want to manifest a new job I would write an intention like:

I have the best job, working for an amazing company, making lots of money!

And for 5 days (or every day until I get my new job), I will write down my intention for 5 times. After a few days, you may even begin to dream about what you are asking for, which a sign that it is manifesting.

Within the 5 days, I don’t necessarily expect to see my manifestation fully materialized but I do expect to see signs and synchronicities that remind me that I am coming into alignment with what I’ve asked for.

How I Did It

I recently used this 555 challenge to manifest my acceptance into a writing program at Yale.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 8.14.04 PM.png

I already knew (belief) that I was going to get into the program, so I used the 555 Challenge during the last NEW MOON phase to make sure I was accepted. Two of the affirmations that I wrote for the 5 Day Period were:

I am going to Thread at Yale and The Universe is always working things out in my favor.

A few days later, I was accepted into the program and I received a scholarship, which confirmed that I am definitely going to Yale this summer.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 8.56.58 PM.png

The key to harnessing your Black Girl Magic is having 100% faith in yourself.

The Mind Is The All

It doesn’t matter what the planets are doing because it all comes down to what you are thinking in your head. If you want to get funding for your business, you must have enough faith in yourself and trust that what you want is on its way to you at all times.

You should use this time to call all the things that you desire into existence. You are worthy of living your best life, and right now is the best time to do it! 

*Don’t worry about going all out to use Moon Magic, honestly all you need is an intention and you will still see magic happening in your life.