Three Quick & Easy Self-Trust Habits That Will Change Your Life


When you go to Google and begin typing, "how can i trust...", you will notice that before you even finish asking your question Google has already determined that you have trust issues with everyone besides yourself.

Three Quick & Easy Self-Trust Habits That Will Change Your Life

But the question is, will you call Google out on their lie? Is it actually possible to not trust yourself? Or is it just a cunning ploy to get you to buy more self-help books?

Obviously, you want to trust your significant other more. You want to trust God more. You want to trust the process more, but you won't totally be satisfied with any of your results until you trust yourself.

Three Quick & Easy Self-Trust Habits That Will Change Your Life

And because of this ^ there just so happens to be a ton of Black Women in the world who have let pain & fear make them forget the essence of true self-love.

The majority of us who are showing up every day to revolutionize our self-love deal with the voice in our head that constantly tries to remind us that we aren't perfect.

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You know that voice that is always reminding you of every bad decision you've made; how shitty your life was growing up; and every failure that you continually failed at- that's your inner-critic.

Your inner-critic, for the most part, wants you to be happy and safe. It wants to remind you that taking any more chances will possibly leave you damaged like you were in your past.

Your inner-critic is full of fear.

Fear and trust cannot exist in the same place.

If you are gonna rock this self-love thing, then you must trust yourself.

What is trust?

Trust is reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, and surety of a person or thing; CONFIDENCE.

Trust is the foundation that self-love and self-care are built on. Because in order to truly love and care for yourself, you must be able to rely on yourself.


The truth is if you want to heal your relationships and manifest your best life, you must begin healing and manifesting from the inside out.

When you begin trusting yourself, you heal those parts of you that Google:


Because you realize that it all starts within.

Watch my video My #1 Piece of Advice For Self-Love Newbies which talks about the power of self-trust and why if you haven't already, you need to start implementing it into your self-care practice NOW to help you build more confidence.

But what if no one taught you self-trust?

It took me 7 days to start trusting myself. Serious Soul Feminist drop the excuses, make decisions, and begin revolutionizing their love ASAP.

The 3 practices you can start RIGHT NOW:

Guided Meditations 

Guided Meditations are meditations that GUIDE you over the course of a time into a peaceful mental state, which allows you to quiet your mind and gain much-needed clarity.

Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations are statements that you use to affirm something beautiful about yourself. They can be used to boost your confidence and help you manifest any of your desires.

Daily Check-Ins

Daily Check-Ins are a great way to keep an active account for your self-care. They encourage self-reliance and self-trust because they give you daily tasks that encourage a regular self-care routine.

I do a mixture of all 3.

Self-love is all about conscious awareness, which means in every moment you are making sure that you are moving in alignment with what you KNOW to be the best decision for you. I still struggle with this, but practice makes perfect.

Since I've been practicing, my self-trust vibes have sky-rocketed.

I suggest beginning with Daily Check-Ins because it is a great beginner step to building self-reliance.

Follow this 3 step system:

You will begin to see results immediately because you will get the INSTANT GRATIFICATION of having your self-care goals met daily.

Try doing this over the next 3 days. You will feel amazing and begin building your self-trust with every task that you complete.