Soul Feminist

Hi. I'm Lyneisha.

I'm here to help you revolutionize your self-love because you deserve to love yourself unapologetically and because you are a goddess who should be living her best life, creating more magic, and enjoying the fullness of your own love. 

But here at Soul Feminist, we don't explore feminism the way a lot of other people do. I try to create an experience focused on you and the magic you have on the inside.

1. I'm going to teach you about the power of self. No victims here. Instead we talk about our right to be magical and create the best experiences. (And how to navigate through the not so good moments.) You can read about how to harness your magic here.

2. I'm going to reveal to you the truth about self-love + manifesting with the Law of Attraction. For example, I built the fun, honest and new mini E-Course Discovering Worthiness (IT'S FREE) to help you conquer the 3 most frustrating lessons you will encounter on your self-love journey.

3. I'm all about inspiring you to get the ball rolling in the direction of your dreams. But you have to do the work yourself. Reading and doing are two different things. Here at Soul Feminist, we take inspired action in the direction of our dreams.

4. I'm really serious about you being happy and you living in your power and you harnessing your magic. You are beautiful and you are growing and your spirit wants you to be great. I'm here to get you right and put you on to yourself. Did I mention that I send out daily Soul Meditations via my Slack Group- The Soul Collective? You can signup HERE to receive the Soul Meditations, if you need a daily reminder of how awesome you are!