Blooming: 31 Days of Soul Meditations

Blooming: 31 Days of Soul Meditations


If you want to...

* Be inspired on a daily basis

* Ground yourself into a New Beginning

* Plant seeds that manifest your wildest dreams

* Cultivate nourishing energy to feed your desires

* A sense of peace 

* Guided in your daily life

* Like you are going to be okay

the this 47-page guide and workbook can help in your daily life to feel inspired, guided, and magical enough to keep pushing towards your dreams. 

It includes:

* 31 days of Soul Meditations that are each spiritually guided to help you sort through a different theme.

* 120+ Affirmations that you can use whenever you need a little more motivation.

* Instructions on how to utilize the Full Moon to to release any blocks that may be hindering your from manifesting more self-love, more peace, more abundance, and more happiness.

* Instructions on a New Moon Manifesting ritual to help you set positive intentions for the rest of the year.

* A Gratitude Guide that will help you add more power to your manifestations, see signs, and speed things along.

* Lots of Love

* Lots of Light

I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to follow @soulfeminist on Instagram for more daily inspiration and to see how much other Soul Feminist followers love the daily #SoulInspiring affirmations!



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