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I know what it feels like to be an #AwkwardBlackGirl. There was a time when I didn't know how to navigate myself, so I hid from the world. No matter how much I was being affirmed by friends and family, I knew I would never fit it.

Though it has taken some time to accept, I know that my inability to fit in isn't a flaw. I am not a failure, and nothing is wrong with me. Confusion, depression, abandonment, and anxiety have all made me feel self-conscious. And I have cried many nights for a better life. I have admitted to struggling with suicidal thoughts. I’ve felt ugly and like I would never be worthy of love. I’ve called myself names. I’ve struggled to find my place in the world, sustain my well-being, and ignore my inner-critic.

I’ve tried to please the world, and I failed myself.

Though I’ve struggles with anxiety and depression my whole life, I continue to find peace in myself.

When I first fell in love with myself, I felt overwhelmed with joy. I had never felt so good in my life. I believed that everything was possible, and I wanted all Black Women to feel the joy I felt.

Soul Feminist was born.

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.
— Audre Lorde

Soul Feminist is where Black Women come to revolutionize their self-love.

• We will grow and love together.

• We will acknowledge our bad days, and celebrate all  the times we got through them.

• We will acknowledge our good days, and understand all the times we didn’t think we would make it.

• We will acknowledge our right to be powerful and    magical, and find tools to discover love and create joy.

• We will be patient with ourselves and our love, and trust that life is always blooming for us.

• We will nourish our spirits and answer our deepest  desires.

• We will discuss the mysteries of Black Womanhood, and accept their importance.

But most of all,


Soul Feminist is about shared experiences that bring us closer to our inner-being.

I’m so excited to share my self-love journey with you, and I know I will inspire you in the process.

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Hey, it’s your girl Lyn! I’m a writer who absolutely loves loving myself.


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